7 Best Youtube Channels for Age of Sigmar (Gaming and Hobby)

Age of Sigmar is not the oldest game in the world, so quality resources are few and far between. This is my attempt at curating and recommending the youtube channels I think are worth your time.


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An Image from the youtuber Miniac that do warhammer hobby and paint content

1. Miniac

Not exactly AoS specific but Miniac covers hobby stuff.

The combination of great humor, quality production, easy to follow beginner content as well as intermediate to pro stuff makes this a must follow for miniature hobbyist.

The channel is aimed at getting you to paint more miniatures, which is a mission I can totally see the value in. His community-driven way of making content will also be a very positive aspect for most people.

Five videos or playlists from Miniac I think is worth your time:

  1. This playlist will take you through taking great pictures of your miniatures (even with a crappy camera). If you can take a proper picture, the internet does not really care how well you point. A must-have skill!
  2. This playlist will take you through the basics of painting minis. I must watch for new hobbyists wondering how to prime, basecoat, shade, highlight and so on.
  3. If you feel like you know your stuff, his videos with advanced techniques might be for you. I know I learned a lot (including stuff I still don’t understand).
  4. Need to upgrade your paintbrush game? He has made me sway from my Winsor and Newton Series 7 fanaticism with this great video about miniatures brushes.
  5. When great painters show what other great painters inspire them, us pleeps can really feel like we know nothing. But, it is also very cool. Here Miniac shows 5 other painters on youtube he thinks are great (and the stuff they make is just amazing).
A picture from Tabletop Minions that do youtube videos about wargaming, especially Age of Sigmar and Warhammer

2. Tabletop Minions

Tabletop Minions is slightly different a lot of other youtube content. The content is very well thought it, some might say it has an intellectual or even philosophical edge to it. His content is mainly hobby centred, but he also talks about wargaming in general and touches on Age of Sigmar stuff from time to time. If you ask for youtube recommendation with regards to wargaming, Uncle Atom and the Tabletop Minions are sure to pop up in the conversation.

It is a talking head style production, and it is more insightful than it is humorous or fast-paced. But that is, in my opinion, just what is needed!

5 videos that I really enjoyed:

  1. This video drastically changed how I paint from one day to the next. In it Sam Lenz covers a “basecoat” blend technique, very suited for beginners and more experienced painters alike. A must watch!
  2. A talk on whether or not too many hobbies is a thing.
  3. A lesson on how to improve your painting skills (not the skills you need to learn, but how you go about improving in general).
  4. When do you stop trying to add more details to a miniature? When is enough? In this video, Uncle Atom talks about just that.
  5. Baking soda. You need it, enough said.
An Image of Duncan Rhodes from Warhammer TV. They do a lot of paint videos on youtube and the Duncan two thin coats meme is amazing

3. Warhammer TV

Warhammer’s official youtube channel is all things considered, pretty good. You will mostly see smaller 2-minute teaser videos, but the real meat here is the painting videos. Duncan Rhodes has grown a cult-like meme following, without even trying.

I strongly recommend browsing their different paint videos before you start on a new project. I always get inspired to do things slightly differently than the original plan.

A picture from 2+ tough youtube chanell. Go there for Age of Sigmar Lore!

4. 2+ Tough

You want Age of Sigmar lore? 2+Though is where you can get Age of Sigmar lore in big, juicy buckets. He also does other content (painting stuff and hangout stuff), but the lore is my jam here. Put on a big lore playlist before you start your painting session and time will fly.

A few things I really dig!


A picture from Kitetsu youtubes channel. He does purely Age of Sigmar News and reviews

5. Kitetsu

Kitetsu is more your average youtube “news-rumours-and-reviews” style content. While that is not something I spend a lot of time on, I do watch some battletome reviews from time to time as he gets the book early and it is possible to see pages.

His content is quite popular and the production while is up there, so it is worth your time if like the style.


A picture from AoS coach youtube channel. A lot of great AoS content

6. AoS Coach

The AoS Coach only recently popped up on my content radar. This is more of a google-hangout-podcast show than anything else. With those things, video quality is always an issue for me, but the content is surprisingly good regardless.

A picture from Rerolling ones youtube channel. If you want battle reports for Age of Sigmar this is where to get

7. Rerolling Ones

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the “battle-report” style videos (mainly a hater on the production style and overall crappy production value), but that does not mean I do not watch them from time to time. I also had to put one of the battle report channels in here, because people seem to like that kind of content.

You could go watch the biggest battle report channel out there (Miniwargaming), but I quit those guys back when they hated hard on AoS. I would much rather direct you to AoS only Rerolling Ones. They are relatively new on the scene, but their videos are getting better and better.